The Prostats Feature is here!

It has taken a while to get here, but finally we are releasing our Analytics feature to query the full RatingTheRaces database.

We don’t need to oversell this feature. We love it. No specialist software required, run it directly in your browser. In fact we have some blog posts built entirely of images generated from this feature.

We took at look at how well the ratings did at Chepstow! We found that backing TOP RATED at Chepstow in October was a profitable system!

Both Wincanton and Wexford National Hunt Races took place on the same day. Backing TOP RATED at these 2 courses over our database period was a profitable system!

We looked at which 5 courses were the ‘best’ for the ratings in terms of strike rate! We also had a look at the worst which proved to be Laytown!

We looked at which were the 5 most profitable courses for our ratings. It was great to see the likes of Ascot, Sandown and Curragh featuring in this list.

It is also just the start of a longer development road for our professional membership level. In fact I made a video for this feature 2 days ago and since then it has already received 2 upgrades. With a further 2 upgrades expected next weekend. See the video to get a taste of what you can do with this feature as of today.


How Can I Sign Up?

Easy and it takes just a few minutes. After this you will be able to access tomorrow’s WebRatings. We also hope to have the remaining days ratings available at between 2pm and 4pm the day before racing!

You can sign up on the membership page.

Sign up for a Professional membership to gain access to this exciting new feature!