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Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned veteran our horse rating services could help you! Not convinced? Not to worry, you can check out an examples right here and have confidence in signing up.

Are they complicated?

You’ll get statistical information of the jockey’s performance, trainer’s performance, horse’s capability, horse breeding statistics and much more. Most importantly we use a complex algorithm to numerically evaluate the potential of the horses and provide this as our unique ‘RTR score’, giving you a clear indicator which combined with our ‘Value odds’ enables you to find those selections worth backing.

Can I see one before I sign up?

Definitely! We have included some examples here to help you decide whether this sort of information is for you.

What do I need?

We recommend that you have a word processor, spreadsheet processor and PDF reader installed, although with our Dynamic Web Ratings you can see even more from the comfort of your browser which means no extra software is required.

Users browsing on mobile devices can view our content by installing similar apps for free via the “Play Store” (Google/Android) or “App Store” (Apple/iOS) or “App Store” (Microsoft/Windows). The most popular ones are Google Sheets/Microsoft Excel, Google PDF/Adobe Reader and Google Docs/Microsoft Word.