The 5 most profitable courses for our ratings!

Part 2 of the Series!

Today we will focus on best course for the Ratings by Profit and Loss, and just like last time we can slice and dice this data using our ProStats feature, just for fun.

In case you missed it, here is a link to Part 1 where we explored the best courses by Strike Rate.

Best by Profit and Loss

A self-explanatory table, showing the 5 most profitable courses. Interesting to note none of these 5 courses are in our top 5 courses by strike rate!

Let’s slice our 5 most profitable courses by Race type

And sliced up by going

And by Race Age Range

And the worst?

Whilst Laytown is the worst from a Strike Rate perspective, the data tells us that Newcastle is the worst from a Profit and Loss perspective. We have a few theories why but nothing concrete that is worth publishing.

Digging into that data we find that the all-weather track is responsible for the vast majority of the negatives here, which in itself is interesting.

The Exciting News!

Just dropping one last nugget of information, here is what the P&L looks like for the Top 10 courses for P&L!

For everyone wanting to find out more about the data the ProStats will be available for annually subscribed members from the 1st of December this year (2017)

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