The best 5 courses for our ratings!

Part 1 of the Series!

Now anyone worth their salt knows that ‘best’ means different things to different people, even internally here at RatingTheRaces this can be debated. From my (RTR-Aaron) perspective (as algorithm designer) our algorithm is trained to predict winners, so the ‘best’ courses are those where we can predict the winner with the highest degree of accuracy.

Other ways ‘best’ could be interpreted is by Profit and Loss or by ROI.

So let’s dig into the data, probably worth noting that our Top 5 can definitely change in the future. We can also touch on the worst course for our Ratings algorithm to predict too.

Today we will focus on best course by strike rate, then we can slice and dice this, just for fun.

Best by Strike Rate

A self-explanatory table, showing the top 5 courses by strike rate. Interestingly when we come to our subsequent blog posts in this series about Top Course By P&L and Top Course By ROI only one of these courses will feature again.

Let’s slice our best 5 courses by Race type

And sliced up by going

And by Race Age Range

And the worst?

Well if we have a best, we certainly have a worst…. Laytown. I must admit I am pretty pleased that this is the course that comes out the worst for the algorithm, it is one that we have a very small amount of data for mainly due to it only being ran once a year!

So until Toytown Laytown has vastly more races we recommend keeping your betting money in your pockets for a more easily analysed racecourse. By all means go to the track beach and get involved in what is undoubtedly a great day out, but here at RTR we are about providing informed decisions to Punters, Owners, Trainer’s etcetera and we simply don’t have the data to make any informed decisions here 😉

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