RatingTheRaces New FREE betting tool to enable you to bet smarter

2017-07-15T12:00:01+01:00August 25th, 2016|

Here at RatingTheRaces we are always striving to empower all our members both Paid and Free, that is why we introduced the selections tool, which in its self was very useful for enabling you to work out what you would have made from a list of selections. But now it has gone one stage further with the introduction of our “Detailed stats” feature. Check out our quick video demonstrating how useful a tool this can be!

WebRatings Version Upgrades and Updates!

2017-07-15T12:00:08+01:00June 9th, 2016|

Dynamic WebRatings Upgrades and Updates

With Royal Ascot just days away we are delighted to announce that we have rolled out another set of updates and upgrades to the WebRatings.

The WebRatings are continually being upgraded and whilst typing this, some of our team are already working on more updates.

The upgrades this time round include the addition of P/L to the statistics. They already display win and A/E statistics but also now include the P/L for both WIN and PLACE.


We have also added the data to the Draw statistics so all statistics available […]

RatingTheRaces Upgrades and Updates – Completed

2017-07-15T12:00:11+01:00March 14th, 2016|

We at RatingTheRaces have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make improvements in 3 main areas of our service and we are delighted to release on the eve of the Cheltenham Festival

1. Website

The website has had a major facelift and huge overhaul to make it cleaner and more visually pleasing for our members. We have also made sure that is mobile responsive so you can easily access the ratings, blog and forum from any mobile device. It has also been updated clearly displaying what each service is about and what you get for your money, which we believe on the premium membership is a LOT!

2. Dynamic WebRatings

These have been […]

RatingTheRaces Ratings Toolkit

2017-07-15T12:01:55+01:00April 30th, 2015|

So we now have the additional functionality of the RatingTheRaces toolkit. This development only works with the spreadsheet Ratings. It will be significantly harder to produce for the web ratings. But we will get there, I am sure (we have a few bigger fish to fry first.) So both the Toolkit and an instruction video are now available on the premium content page for Premium members only .

So what does the toolkit do, I hear you ask?

Ability to add notes to horses that have run in a NagMe sheet
Ability to remove NagMe selections
Ability to check NagMe selections
Check every single days ratings for previous NagMe horses
Ability to export your NagMe […]

iOS and Android Instructions

2019-05-02T12:55:26+01:00September 26th, 2013|

Did you know you can view our ratings and top tips on your mobile phone and/or tablet devices?

In order to view our ratings and top tips you must however have two applications installed on your mobile phone and/or tablet devices.

The applications which we recommend to use are both 100% FREE.


If you have an Android device then please download and install the following two applications.

Adobe Reader:


Kingston Office:



If you have an iOS (Apple) device then please download and install the following two applications:

Adobe Reader:


Kingston Office:



Once you have downloaded and installed the recommended applications you will be able to view our ratings and top tips as if you were […]

RatingTheRaces Staking Manager

2017-07-15T12:02:03+01:00September 26th, 2013|

Staking Manager

We have recently released our RatingTheRaces Staking Manager which is a fantastic tool for anyone who is serious about making money betting. This can be used in conjunction with our fantastically accurate ratings but could also be used for any types of betting. A simple spreadsheet and to our knowledge the first available in the public domain.

The Staking Manager allows you to track your betting patterns, works out your points profit/loss for the day and overall. It also works out your daily ROI and overall ROI. It can help you track your systems to level stakes and also to compounding stakes.

After the initial set up of […]

RatingTheRaces FREE RATINGS Sharing

2017-07-15T12:02:08+01:00March 6th, 2013|

Hello All,

You will have noticed that RatingTheRaces has implemented the use of a share function for free members to access the RatingTheRaces ratings.


First of all I would like to tell you why this has been implemented. You will notice that this function was brought in at the same time as the release of the highly regarded RatingTheRaces ratings version 3.0, the reason for this was two fold.


1. When distributing free content we have found multiple other tipsters using the spreadsheets to aid in their selections, we do not mind such services doing so, they are FREE on these days to everyone, however we feel by sharing our message such tipsters […]

RatingTheRaces – Ratings version 3.0 release

2017-07-15T12:02:13+01:00February 28th, 2013|


What are the RatingTheRaces Ratings?

RatingTheRaces ratings are a unique set of ratings which calculate the most likely winner in any given race, applying statistical regressions of over 80 different criteria. Each criterion is taken into account automatically to by the RatingTheRaces algorithm in order to rank the horses in order of likelihood of winning.  The ratings also display other statistics that could prove advantageous to those punters who enjoy the gratification of picking through the form themselves.


How do the Ratings work?

The Ratings work by taking into account all of the different criteria that can be statistically evaluated, jockey’s performance, trainers performance, the horse’s capability, the difficulty […]