Our Ratings!

Shameful plug, we know, but read on, it will be well worth it!

Our Ratings have a great record at Ascot, with a 39.09% ROI to Exchange Starting Prices! Check out the Graph! We are confident they can help you at Royal Ascot this week!

Obviously Ascot has National Hunt Racing as well as flat racing, so let’s filter it by type. So now we have Top Rated at Ascot by Type!

In flat racing we therefore have made over 150 points profit backing TOP RATED blind to BFSP with a very tidy 46.28% ROI!

But what about the going?!

The forecast going is ‘Good to Firm, Good in places’. Let’s have a look at the breakdown for all the goings first.

With the forecast of ‘Good to Firm, Good In places’ we will only look at Good To Firm and Good. The Graph is looking very good!

What else could we look at? How about Starting Price?

Nothing really jumps out here. Maybe removing those below 2.94 BFSP?

The ROI is already at 57.61. I wonder how many of those horses less than 2.94 BFSP should have been. Let’s remove that filter and add the Value Odds filter and set this to 100%.

Amazing, the ROI is now up to 80% without putting in ridiculous specific filters! The Ratings do perform well at Ascot and this is proven in the stats and graphs. This is exactly why you need to be using the Ratings to help you over this Royal Ascot week!

How Can I Sign Up?

Easy and it takes just a few minutes. After this you will be able to access tomorrow’s WebRatings. We also hope to have the remaining days ratings available at between 2pm and 4pm the day before racing!

You can sign up on the membership page.