The Best 5 Courses for our ratings by ROI

Part 3 of the Series!

Today we will focus on best course for the Ratings by ROI, and just like last time we can slice and dice this data using our ProStats feature, just for fun.

In case you missed it, we have already explored the best courses by Strike Rate and the best courses by Profit & Loss.

One interesting thing to note is that we end up with 12 different courses sharing these top 5 course blogs, so it certainly is not the same courses each time!

Best by ROI

A self-explanatory table, showing the top 5 courses by ROI. Interesting to note we see 2 new courses which didn’t appear in either explored the best courses by Strike Rate and the best courses by Profit & Loss blog posts!

Let’s slice our best 5 ROI courses by Race type

And sliced up by going

And by Race Age Range

And the worst?

Well it turns out it is again Laytown is the worst course from an ROI perspective, it was also the worst course from a Strike Rate perspective. With just one race meeting a year, it demonstrates that we simply do not get enough data for our Ratings algorithm to get a handle on Laytown!

Digging into that data we find that the all-weather track is responsible for the vast majority of the negatives here, which in itself is interesting.

Ending on a Positive Note!

Same as in our Top 5 by Profit and loss blog, here is the pretty graph you get for the Top 10 courses by ROI

If you are impressed with the data or analytics features demonstrated, this is all available to our ProStats members see our detailed blog about using ProStats V1. Better still ProStats version 2 is expected to drop mid-January 2018 watch this space, a blog post and video will be dropped for that release!

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