What are the RatingTheRaces Ratings?

RatingTheRaces ratings are a unique set of ratings which calculate the most likely winner in any given race, applying statistical regressions of over 80 different criteria. Each criterion is taken into account automatically to by the RatingTheRaces algorithm in order to rank the horses in order of likelihood of winning.  The ratings also display other statistics that could prove advantageous to those punters who enjoy the gratification of picking through the form themselves.


How do the Ratings work?

The Ratings work by taking into account all of the different criteria that can be statistically evaluated, jockey’s performance, trainers performance, the horse’s capability, the difficulty of the track, strike rate of course and distance winners, strike rate of course winners, the horses capability on the ground and much more.


How will the ratings give me an edge over other punters?

The problem with the human psyche is that it is strongly influenced by recent correlations.If three previous CD winners (Course and distance)win on the bounce at a given track the standard punter will naturally give too much influence to a CD winner in subsequent events at the course. This is one area where the ratings will stand strong, since they are not prone to following an observed short term correlation. Furthermore every punter has their own methods for making selections; some will give more influence to a horse’s performance at the track or more influence to a horse’s performance on the going, whilst others will give too much or too little merit to CD form. Using CD winners as an example the RatingTheRaces ratings are designed to know exactly how much merit is deserved for CD winners at each course, and apply the correct weighting to this statistic, in fact it does this for all of the statistics used, to provide you with a mathematically objective analysis of each race in UK and Ireland.

There are other less comprehensive ratings available on the internet some of them are completely FREE, and some are not. However there are a few things that every punter needs to know when choosing and comparing the different ratings services available. There are some ratings services out there who claim to make “X” points per month to Betfair SP, however they do not take off the 5% commission! Over the course of a month, this accumulates to a staggering amount. A system which appeared to be +100 points could now only be +30 points, or possibly not positive at all. So watch out for the way they present their results.

Secondly the easiest method I find to demonstrate the accuracy of any given set of ratings is get hold of both of them on the same day (or several days.) The sum of their rated winners will give you a strong indication as to how reliable any one set of ratings are, i.e. if a day’s races were won by their 1st ,2nd, 5th ,1st& 3rd top rated horses, sum these numbers and compare. The set of ratings with the lowest ‘sum’ produces the most reliable ratings. As a means of quality control of course our team has made such comparisons with any of the rivals out there, to date none have proved a match, if in the future a service arrives with a better set of ratings than our own, we will take our hat off to them, but this is currently a big if.

Lastly when looking for a helping hand in selecting your horses, ask yourself how exclusive the service is. Does it offer the ratings free to thousands of people? If yes, then the likelihood is that all the value out of their methodology has gone, and backing their top rated would produce significant losses. Furthermore some of the services out there won’t even tell you their winning strike rates let alone the profit and loss achieved by using the ratings. You may be wondering why we tell you how to compare all the services out there? The reason is the RatingTheRaces team have spent a lot of time in an effort to make sure the ratings are more objective, more holistic and more comprehensive than all the other ratings available on the net, as such our confidence in both the methodology and the results is extremely high.


How do the Ratings perform?

As is probably apparent here at RatingTheRaces HQ we have the utmost confidence in the ratings that we produce, we believe these are ‘THE BEST’ objective ratings available anywhere on the internet for highlighting the most likely winner in any race across the UK and IRE. And of course the results speak for themselves, over an extended comparison period of 6 months RatingTheRaces ratings produced by the version 1 algorithm had 1,919 Top rated winners, for that same period RatingTheRaces ratings produced by the NEW version 3 algorithm had 2,057 Top rated winners. This is a significant 138 more winners in the same time period. Now after all the efforts the team went through in order to improve the algorithm 138 winners may not appear that large an increase, however considering the version 1 ratings were arguably already the most accurate horse racing ratings available on the net, then a 7.19% increase in the number of TOP RATED winners is quite remarkable. We thank all our subscribers for their continued belief in the ratings, and hope the new and improved version as useful as the RTR team has over the 2 month testing period prior to today’s release.