Who is Nick Bradley?

Nick Bradley is a bloodstock agent and syndicate manager for Nick Bradley Racing who we at RatingTheRaces are delighted to now be in partnership with. Nick Bradley and his team have had some fantastic success already in his relatively short time of business under his own name and had even more success when with Middleham Park Racing.

Nick has purchased the likes of G Force (Group 1 winner), Penitent (6 time Listed and Group winner), Commissioned (Royal Ascot winner) and Beckford (Group 2 winner) and they had 2 great runs from Little Kim and Raising Sand at Royal Ascot this year.

Liam from RatingTheRaces is still convinced that Raising Sand can win a big race this season and the Balmoral could well be the target. (see my Flat Horses To Follow!).

Having spoken to Nick and his team their attitude and eagerness to win is very appealing. They want to win whilst also making sure all syndicate members are happy, well informed and enjoying themselves. This is very important but we feel a lot of syndicates are not as keen to win and it’s more a very expensive fun day out.

This is what attracted us to the Nick Bradley Racing Brand and why we are happy to be in partnership with them.

We believe that lots of you would be very interested in many of the horses with Nick and we will be creating a ProStats analysis for each horse that there are currently shares in.

This analysis will help you make an informed decision as to which horse you would like to purchase shares in. Keep an eye out for the first of these being posted!

Nick Bradley Racing ProStats Analysis

Here are some very impressive stats!

In 2015 Nick Bradley spent £315,000 on Yearlings to race in 2016-17. They won 21 races, and have been sold/independently valued at £1,386,000 as of Jan 1st 2018.

In 2016 Nick Bradley spent £832,000 on Yearlings to race in 2017-18. To date they have won 14 races, and have been sold/independently valued at £1,803,000 as of Jan 1st 2018.

In 2017 Nick Bradley spent £1,336,000 on Yearlings to race in 2018-19! How much will these sell for?!

If you bought a 10% share of a horse for example and that horse was later sold either at a sale or privately for £150,000, you would be entitled to £15,000 less costs.

Alternatively you could sign up today to the WebRatings (just in time for Royal Ascot) and ProStats with a Professional Subscription and start running the ProStats filters yourself. The ProStats are fantastic and you can see a video all about ProStats and how it can help with your betting and finding angles here:

ProStats Demonstration Blog