It’s FREE to enter & we give away LOADS of prizes!

How do I enter?

Check out this video and see how quick and easy it is to enter the Competition. You can enter at ANY TIME so it doesn’t matter if you are based in the UK, Australia, USA, Paraguay, India, Germany, North Korea or anywhere, you can still enter!

Where do I enter?

This link will ALWAYS take you to the current days racing! You can enter at ANY TIME (you do not have to enter before racing starts)

Todays Races!

What can I win?

£20 CASH
1 MONTH of PREMIUM RatingTheRaces Ratings
£25 FREE BET from Betfair


£50 CASH
2 MONTH of PREMIUM RatingTheRaces Ratings
£50 FREE BET from Betfair
Random prize from HackedUp

Spot Prizes: We regularly run spot prize days where you can win Cash or Free Bets or Ratings or other prizes. To be in the draw for these you may need to get a friend involved or find 2+ winners or retweet a tweet. Keep your eye on our twitter account to spot these!

NEW Competition:
The 2 players who finds the MOST winners between Sunday & Friday will be given a PREMIUM UPGRADE for the Weekend!

More coming soon!

NEW Weekly Prize – August 2022

NEW WEEKLY PRIZE – August 2022

How does the scoring work?

We keep it nice and simple. It’s £50 win on each horse. It’s a WIN ONLY Competition.

What happens if one or more of my selections are Non-runners?

If one or more of your selections is a NR, it will simply be scored as 0. You will not lose points for a NR but you can’t replace any after your selections have been submitted.

I’ve made a mistake, can I change my selections?

No, once you’ve submitted your selections, you can’t change them for any reason. When you go to submit you are given a popup showing the 3 you have selected so this is your chance to check they are correct.

What happens if there is Dead-Heat?

If your horse is involved in a dead-heat for 1st, you will still win but your score for winning will be 50%. So if you picked a horse at 2.0 (Even money) and it won you would normally score £50.00 but as it was a dead-heat you will score £25.00

What happens if my horse is demoted/promoted to 1st?

If there is a disqualification on the day of racing, the horse who is awarded the 1st place will be the winner for our Competition purposes. First past the post DOES NOT apply to our competition. Disqualifications made at a later date will NOT affect the competition.

What prices do you use?

We use the exchange prices as these are generally better for WIN ONLY purposes. Sometimes the evening before racing, the markets are yet to form properly so you may see your horse is 8/1 at the bookmakers but still showing as 3.6 on the exchanges. That’s ok though (see next – XSP or Current price)

XSP or Current Price

After 10:30am on the day of the race you can choose between XSP (Exchange Starting Price) or Current Price.

Before 10:30am on the day of the race you can ONLY take the XSP. This is because before then the market is likely to not have formed properly and we don’t want you taking 3.6 on a horse that is 8/1 at the bookmakers and likely to be 10.0 (ish) on the exchanges when the markets form. This restriction is in place to help you.

What is the 20.00 Cap about?

We have a price cap of 20.00 in our Competition. This is to prevent a player from finding 1 winner all week at 250.00 and winning the Competition. That’s not encouraging responsible betting at all. We think the winners should be players who can consistently find winners (whilst also being reasonable prices – just picking 1/3 shots all week isn’t going to win you the Competition).

How many times do I need to play to qualify?

To encourage players to play we have a qualifying criteria. You must play 4+ times in a Weekly Competition and 15+ times in a Monthly Competition to qualify for prizes. This also stops players from finding one winner on day 1 and sitting back and trying to hang on.

Can I get my friends involved?

Absolutely and for EVERY NEW PLAYER you get involved – you and the new player get a PREMIUM UPGRADE for the day.

Where do I find the Leaderboards?

We have automatically updating Leaderboards which are always available to view! Check them out here

NAP Competition Leaderboards

Can I see other people’s NAPs?

Absolutely. Check the video to see how

I had a winner that hasn’t been counted, what should I do?

Nothing at all, your winners will be counted. Sometimes they take longer as we are waiting for a full result but they are all checked again at 8am the following day. If your winner is still not included by midday the following day, then get in touch.

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