The RatingTheRaces Free Competition


At RatingTheRaces we run a FREE horse racing Tipping Competition where you can win prizes each and every week. Our competition works on a win only basis and the best overall score(s) each week AND each month win prizes.

In the last 3 years we have given away over £30,000 worth of prizes. The full breakdown of current prizes can be viewed here.

NAP Competition Prizes

How to enter

The competition is Free for everyone to enter and when entering your twitter account also tweets your selections in a fancy entry tweet and you are also notified when you have a winner.

You can see how to enter here:

How to enter

How many selections

You need to select and submit 3 selections. A NAP, NB and 3B. These can be in ANY race(s) of the day. It’s totally up to you.

When to enter

You can start entering as soon as the races are available (normally around 1pm the day before the races). You can choose from any race(s) and as such could submit at any time, be it 1pm, 3pm, 5pm or anytime up to the last race off time.

How it’s scored

The scores are worked out at £50 a point (stake NOT returned) as we are only interested in profit.  All are WIN ONLY.

Non Runners

Non-runners can’t be replaced but do not impact your score. You are not penalised for Non-runners.

Dead Heats

In the case of a dead heat, your score is halved as it would be if you placed a bet. So a 2/1 winner that dead heats would score you £50 instead of £100.

Stewards Enquiries

Should a result be reversed and there is a different winner to the race after the enquiry, the result will be amended in our competition (if result reversed on race day). We do not score ‘First Past The Post’ as if you were placing a bet on the exchanges which we use then they would not pay out on FPTP.

XSP and Current Price

If you submit your NAPs before 10:30am on the day of the race then you are only able take XSP (Exchange Starting Price), this is because the market has not formed on the exchanges until around 10:30am. At 10:30am on the day of the race and after you are able to take either the current price or the XSP.

How to check you’ve entered!

After selecting the horses you must then enter them into the competition by clicking on the Orange NAP 3/3 button and following the instructions. If you are not sure if they are entered or not there are 2 easy checks.

  1. The NAP 3/3 button which was orange will now say NAP: Submitted and will be blue.
  2. Your twitter account will have automatically tweeted your entry tweet.


Our leaderboards update during the day and are always visible for players. Your winners are usually included in your score around 1 hour after they finished their race.


Occasionally the leaderboard may not update straight away and your result will not be included in the Leaderboard, however do not panic, this will be re-checked overnight and your score will be updated.

Free entry for everyone!

Here’s where to enter:

Enter today here