ProStats V2 is here!

On the 1st of December 2017 year we released ProStats for our professional membership level and the feedback has been very good and after listening to feedback we have created MORE features and more filters. The new updates and upgrades are very exciting and in this blog we take a quick look at some of them!

The video is well worth watching for more details about each additional feature and filter!

ProStats V2 Demonstration Video

New Features!

Here is what is new in ProStats Version 2

  1. Create Systems
  2. Find Bets based on System filters
  3. Save Systems
  4. Works on mobile devices
  5. More Filters and Groupings
  6. Ability to convert Rows to Filters

Two weeks to get on at these Prices!

You only have 2 weeks to get on at today’s prices. We have found out that hosting all our data and enabling real-time filtering is pretty damn costly for us. As such we are putting prices up for our Professional membership level from 1st February 2018, however for members who sign up in the next two weeks we guarantee to hold that price for you for at least the next 12 months.

Current Prices vs New Prices

Monthly Subscription £37.50 – will become £45.00

6 Monthly Subscription £175 – will become £210

12 Monthly Subscription £270 – will become £330

Sign Me Up!

To sign up and gain access to both the WebRatings and ProStats you need a Professional Membership which is available on the Membership page!