The Ratings

This one is simple, we have the best, most accurate ratings around. What do we mean by that? Our TOP RATED horse wins more of the races than other services. It doesn’t matter whether it is a class 6 race, a maiden or Group/Grade 1 race. Our Ratings can analyse ALL races. We also provide A/E data for EVERY Stat, have the draw broken down by distance & create our unique Combined A/E Stat

Fully researched Analysis

We fully research our analysis suggestions which Liam posts on the Ratings. This will include watching the horses previous races, keeping an eye on the stable form, reading articles regarding the horses fitness and using our excellent ratings to help make an informed decision. See some of our recent winners below.

We do not provide suggestions for every race as for some races there is just no angle and you should not be betting on every race.

Eyecatchers with Targets

Liam watches the races both live and again afterwards to see if he spots any eyecatchers. These eyecatchers are posted on the Ratings themselves and turned into videos. Check out a couple of examples below where he talks about Sinjaari & Vaunted (both won their next races)

Handicap Mark Checks

Every Tuesday the BHA releases the new handicap marks & Liam looks through these looking for any horses that he feels have been dropped despite arguably running fine or not getting a clear run at things. He discusses why they should be added to your Free RTR NagMe & what races would suit.

Early Ratings (Pro Members)

Our ratings do not rely on the market (just following the money) and as such we are able to create ratings at the 4 & 5 day stage. This gives our Professional Members the ability to check out the Ratings before anyone else and start finding excellent Ante-Post bets & angles.

Yibir Early Ratings

Ante-Post Analysis (Pro Members)

With these Early Ratings, Liam also analyses the races where there are markets and is able to spot horses that should run well and be able to get better prices based on knowing half of the field wont even turn up.

Flotus - William Hill Summer Stakes 22

Clear Tables & Graphs

Our Ratings are clear and easy to understand with no confusing graphs, tables or colours that don’t make sense.

There is also a very useful Guide here

We strongly recommend checking out this RatingTheRaces guide!

RatingTheRaces Guide

One Top Rated Horse

We focus on our TOP RATED horse. This is RTR Rank 1. We do not claim every winner like other services as it had the best jockey in the race, or the best course record, or the best performance over this track and trip previously. You get the idea.

No gimmicks

Updating Ratings

During the day our ratings update. What updates though:


Pre-Race Updates

POST-RACE: RESULTS, XSP (Exchange Starting Price), IR Low (In Running Low), WIN PR (Win Price Reduction), VALUE %, ISP (Industry Starting Price), PLACE ODDS

Post Race Updates

NagMe Tool

We have a FREE NagMe tool that everyone can use. Spot a horse that catches your eye and want to be informed when it next has an entry and when it is next due to run? Add it your RTR NagMe.


NAP Stats

As you know we run a FREE Competition where you submit a NAP, NB and 3B. With NAP Stats you can analyse your NAP Selections to find your strengths and weaknesses and trends for your selections. Are you good at finding winners at Cheltenham but poor at Newmarket? Are you better in NH races and terrible on the AW? Find out where or what races you should be focusing on!

NagMe Stats

As you know we give you a FREE NagMe tool. Are these eyecatchers of yours any good though? The NagMe stats can see how your selections have fared since being added to your NagMe. Are you good at spotting eyecatchers over hurdles but not as good over fences. Are you Flat NagMe runners better over longer distances? Find out all this with your NagMe Stats

Selection Stats

As well as submitting NAPs in the NAP Competition & saving NagMe’s you can also submit selections on a daily basis. This creates a database of your selections which you can then filter and analyse using the TipStats tool to find your strengths, weaknesses , angles and trends. Are you great at picking winners trained by Paul Nicholls but terrible when they are trained by Nicky Henderson?

More about TipStats!


ProStats is our System Builder and one of the best features of RatingTheRaces. Unlike NAP Stats (NAPs only), NagMe Stats (NagMe’s only), TipStats (Selections only) with ProStats you can analyse the WHOLE RatingTheRaces database. Find out where Top Rated excels, find out which trainers excel when their horses are Top Rated, what distances at Ascot are very profitable and LOTS more. You can create, save and quickly find selections from saved systems using ProStats

If you are serious about betting then you really should be signed up for a Professional Subscription and using ProStats!

More about ProStats!

Free Competitions

We run both a Weekly (every week from Sunday to Saturday) & Monthly Competition (every calendar month) and some Special Events (Royal Ascot, Cheltenham, Aintree Grand National) and spot prize days.

There are CASH, RATINGS, FREE Bets, Racing Merchandise, Racing Tickets & LOTS more to be won. In fact in the last 3 years we have given away over £45,000 in prizes!

RTR Competition
How Do I Enter

Our Leaderboards UPDATE LIVE and are always available. Instead of having to wait for a tweet or for someone to manually update a scoreboard somewhere, you can see this happening throughout the day.

LIVE Leaderboards

Free Days (Free for All)

EVERY Week we offer FREE Trials to our new & existing members.

If you are a new member, get in touch and request a free trial for a few days to get a feel of the ratings. Every FRIDAY they are also Free to try (keep an eye out for an email explaining how to get them).

We also regularly offer Free trials for doing things like entering the NAP Competition or getting a friend involved in the Competition.

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No Fake Claims

We do not claim to have ‘info’ on horses to try and get you to back a different horse to the one that we want to back in order to get ours to drift or to be able to lay the horse that is overbet due to those who think ‘info’ is the holy grail.

Trainers/Jockeys/Owners very rarely know when their horse is going to win so why would you trust someone who claims to know the trainers uncle or the stable cat. Trainers very rarely even race their horses at home. How can you tell if a horse is ‘flying’ if none are even coming out of 2nd gear during training?

We also don’t tweet winning bet slips. Why? You can simply bet on every single horse in the race for say 5p. Then take a screenshot and cover up the stake and return. Don’t trust betting slips especially if they have the stakes covered over.

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