How to win Premium Ratings for the weekend

How do I enter?

Check out this video and see how quick and easy it is to enter the Competition. You can enter at ANY TIME so it doesn’t matter if you are based in the UK, Australia, USA, Paraguay, India, Germany, North Korea or anywhere, you can still enter!

What’s the new prize?

You can win Premium Ratings for the weekend. (Each & Every weekend)

All you have to do is find the MOST winners in our Free Competition between Sunday & Friday (inclusive) and you will win PREMIUM RATINGS for the WEEKEND!

There will be 2 winners each week and if there are more than 2 on the same amount of winners, the 2 players with the BIGGEST priced winners will be the winners.

If you are a Premium or Pro member, you will win a £5 credit on your account which you can claim as a refund when you get to £25 on your account!

What’s next for prizes?!

Racing tickets are next on our list and we are also looking at Cinema tickets and Restaurant vouchers! Let us know what else you want to see and also what you think of this new prize!

Check out what you can win so far here:

Current RatingTheRaces NAP Comp Prizes

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Get involved today & see what prizes you can win!

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Free Membership

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