Royal Ascot NAP Competition – Sponsored by Colossus

We are delighted to announce that Colossus (follow them on twitter @colossusbets) are AGAIN sponsoring the FREE to enter RatingTheRaces NAP Competition for Royal Ascot!

Royal Ascot is a fantastic 5 days of Racing and we have some awesome prizes to be won thanks to Colossus!

It’s FREE for EVERYONE to enter the RatingTheRaces NAP Competition and prizes down to 3rd place!

Who are Colossus?

Colossus offer pools betting with jackpots for both sports and racing. Players place bets into their pools for a chance to win (or with other winners) the jackpot prizes!

They offer guaranteed jackpot prizes, consolations and Cash Out offers that allow players to sell all or part of their tickets as the pool legs progress.

We and some of our members have already started using the Ratings in conjunction with creating both solo tickets and syndicates

Colossus also have Syndicates which allows players to create and ‘crowdbet’ a bigger ticket to take on the jackpots for a potential share of any winnings.

Colossus will be sponsoring our Royal Ascot NAP Competition. The details for the contest are below.

We will also be using the Nap selections and our ratings to create Syndicates throughout Ascot  for the Win and Placepools. Or you can sign-up to Colossus and put together your own tickets and Syndicates.

We hope more of you use our RatingTheRaces Ratings to help create your syndicates on Coloussus Bets!


If you do not have a Colossus account, we thoroughly recommend using our Sign up link and code to benefit from their awesome new player offer.

Go To Colossus to open your account

When you are asked for a promo-code, use RATINGTHERACES **

**Using this code, you will receive a Free Play token plus Colossus will match your wagering for the first 72 hours (up to £100) with free bets!

What prizes are available from Colossus Bets?

  • 1st PRIZE is £40 in Colossus Bonus Funds

  • 2nd PRIZE is £30 in Colossus Bonus Funds

  • 3rd PRIZE is £20 in Colossus Bonus Funds

  • 1 Player who plays the NAP Competition for all 5 days during Royal Ascot will win £10 in Colossus Bonus Funds!

We recommend following them on twitter too!

Winners must be at least 18 years old.

Get involved with the syndicates and hopefully we will land a few jackpots!

Sign up and get involved in the FREE NAP Competition to try and win EVEN more with some FANTASTIC prizes from Colossus!

What to do if you don’t win?

We thoroughly recommend checking out Colossus!

A new way to bet using our Ratings!


Royal Ascot Competition Starts in:

(surely you all know when Royal Ascot starts! so exciting!)

Royal Ascot!!!

How do I enter the NAP Competition and how much does it cost?

It’s FREE to enter the RatingTheRaces NAP Competition!

(Players MUST be 18 years+ to enter!)

Get involved here: RatingTheRaces NAP Competition Entry

If you are unsure how to enter then get in touch via the Live Chat!