What makes the Best Horse Racing Ratings service?

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The 4 main areas to choose the Best Horse Racing Ratings service!

Seems like a strange or biased article for a Ratings service provider to publish right? But once upon a time we were ratings service customers, rather than a ratings provider. Our experiences completely shaped the way we run the RatingTheRaces service today. Below is a short list of things that frustrated us when we were customers of Ratings services and our rules, we subsequently hold ourselves to.


Seems obvious right? But so many services have a Top Rated, a Top Speed Rated, a Top Course Rated, a […]

RatingTheRaces – Ratings version 3.0 release

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What are the RatingTheRaces Ratings?

RatingTheRaces ratings are a unique set of ratings which calculate the most likely winner in any given race, applying statistical regressions of over 80 different criteria. Each criterion is taken into account automatically to by the RatingTheRaces algorithm in order to rank the horses in order of likelihood of winning.  The ratings also display other statistics that could prove advantageous to those punters who enjoy the gratification of picking through the form themselves.


How do the Ratings work?

The Ratings work by taking into account all of the different criteria that can be statistically evaluated, jockey’s performance, trainers performance, the horse’s capability, the difficulty […]