Warwick Racecourse – NAP Competition Sponsor

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Warwick Racecourse – NAP Competition Sponsor

We are delighted to announce that @WarwickRaces will be sponsoring the NAP Competition!

Warwick Racecourse

Thank you very much to Warwick Racecourse (Thanks Andre!) for sponsoring the NAP Competition!

In May there is Ladies Night which is day 2 of the May Carnival so we hope to see more ladies in the NAP Competition and you can win tickets to this great day!

As well as the racing there will also be the Fashion’s on the Field Best Dressed Competition and live music from a tribute act to Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga!

As a highlight in the Spring racing calendar at Warwick Racecourse, this is one […]

RatingTheRaces New FREE betting tool to enable you to bet smarter

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Here at RatingTheRaces we are always striving to empower all our members both Paid and Free, that is why we introduced the selections tool, which in its self was very useful for enabling you to work out what you would have made from a list of selections. But now it has gone one stage further with the introduction of our “Detailed stats” feature. Check out our quick video demonstrating how useful a tool this can be!