Having invested in horse racing statistical analyses for many years, I’ve used almost every platform on the market, from Adrian Massey to Flat Stats, when one day a friend recommended I try RTR. I will say I was little sceptical at first by the claims however the functions this site offer are leagues ahead of any competitor, so I thought it was worth a shot.

On using the site it was clear to me that this was a different type of service. I was stunned how accurate these ratings were and now able to not only view how these ratings had been achieved but also I was able to incorporate systems of my very own.

The ratings released the day before and staking manager are where most of my work is done, as like anyone in this field, you want to achieve the highest ROI. However I must also sing the praises of the dynamic web ratings. This is without doubt some very impressive work and completely unique to RTR by constantly tracking and updating the ratings as every race goes by.

RTR is also further enhanced by excellent customer service, who are on hand to answer any question you have, regardless how silly it may be :/

In summary, if you have found this review and looking for the best horse racing ratings on the market, you can stop looking now.

Many Thanks to the RTR team for all the hard work